3.8L Turbo Powertrain


Stock Block Honed

TRW Pistons

FEDERAL-MOGUL Turbo Piston Rings

KING Bearings (mains, rods, cam)

Race-prepped Stock Rods

Stock Crank has been Raced Balanced (90/10), Polished, and Chamfered for better oiling


COMP CAMS 218/218 Cam

COMP CAMS Lifters and Springs

ROLLMASTER Double Roller Timing Chain

High Volume Front Cover w/ Pump

Ported and Polished Heads with Stock Valves

Ported and Polished  Lower Intake w/ Port Matching

EGR Tower Removed (egr still functional)

Modified Upper Intake

62mm Throttle Body

Dual Cooling Fans

140 amp Delco Alternator

LT1 mini-starter

T64E Turbo w/ 82 exhaust housing

Remote  Oil System

75lb Injectors

Gen-II Delco Ignition

Walbro 340 In-tank fuel pump

Polyurethane motor mounts by HRpartsNstuff

Jack Cotton's Front Mount Intercooler

3 Inch TERRY HOUSTON Downpipe

2.5 Inch HOOKER Dual Cat-back

134a Functioning A/C

High Flow Water Pump

3-Core Radiator

Modified ECM

Custom PROM

MOBIL-1 10w30 Tri-Synthetic Oil

DEX-COOL Coolant

WATER WETTER Coolant Additive



2004r built by D. Norris at 3DDD Transmissions

Hardened Stator Support

Heat Treated Sun Shell

ALTO Clutches

Extra Wide Band

8 Clutch Direct

TRANS-GO Shift Kit (modified)

Special Pressure Regulator Valve

.5 TV Boost Valve

Teflon pump and tail Bushings

7-Vane Pump w/Rev Kit

DACCO Performance 3200 stall, 10" non-lockup Torque Converter

Other Secret Modifications

External trans cooler


Rear Axle

Stock 8.5" Rear Axle Housing

Stock 3.42 Ratio Ring and Pinion

Stock Limited Slip

MOBIL-1 Synthetic Axle Lubricant

GM Limited Slip Additive


Future Plans

Moser 28-spline axles

EPROM Emulator and Laptop Computer

Rear axle housing girdle cover

Alcohol or Propane Injection


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